SeaWorld Stance Making Waves

In mid April, SeaWorld announced their current generation of orca whales will be its last. Additionally, the park will phase out the theatrical shows that involve the whales, changing food policies to source only sustainably raised seafood, and offer more vegetarian and vegan options.

This decision follows the steady bad press SeaWorld has experienced from the documentary “Blackfish” in addition to other marine-animal activism. The announcement was made in a video distributed via their social media:

SeaWorld also recently released that they will partner with the Humane Society of the United States. Together, they plan to focus on the rescue and rehabilitation of marine animals including: advocating to end commercial whaling, sealing and shark finning, and protecting coral reefs.

The new policies triggered a mixture of feedback from Twitter, including:

What do you think of SeaWorld’s announcements? Will these moves generate a better public image for the organization?

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