Riding Out Passengers’ Uber Nightmare

Person using the Uber app

Photo Credit: Huffington Post

Many of us, if not all, know about the increasingly popular cab service called Uber. If not, Uber is a multinational online transportation network that offers cheap, convenient rides. An Uber ride is simple, just open an app on your smartphone and request a car. Although their services might be great, Uber is in a bit of a crisis over one of their drivers, Jason Stanton.

Stanton was charged with shooting and killing six people while reportedly driving for Uber that day. According to Market Place, the driver had a rating of 4.73 from customers and had provided more than 100 rides. Uber conducts background checks on all drivers, but the question remains, how can Uber better protect its drivers and — more importantly — its riders?

Photo Credit: USA TODAY

Photo Credit: USA Today

To make matters worse, Stanton is blaming Uber for his killing spree. He said that Uber doesn’t care about its drivers and never invited him to any corporate parties. He is currently trying to sue Uber for $10 million.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only issues Uber or their competitor Lyft has faced. Who is Driving You compiled a list of incidents regarding drivers and passengers. This list includes deaths attributed to Uber and Lyft, alleged assaults, alleged sexual assaults and harassment incidents, alleged kidnappings, felons behind the wheel, drivers with DUIs, other offenses and imposters.

According to this site, Uber nor Lyft require fingerprints on background checks of drivers and Uber doesn’t meet with drivers in person before allowing them to transport passengers. So, how can Uber better protect passengers? They can require more security measures to protect customers. Stanton’s tragic incident is just one in a long list of problems the company currently faces.

What are your thoughts? What can Uber do to protect passengers who use this service?

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