‘Nude’ Shades of Meaning

Christian Louboutin, the high-end luxury shoe designer, debuted a “Nude” collection that will cater to all women’s skin tones.


The color nude has always been recognized as a light beige shade but it doesn’t match the skin tone of everyone. Now, women of every ethnicity can enjoy a “nude” shoe thanks to Christian Louboutin. There are seven different “nude” shades in the collection with the lightest “nude” described as “porcelain” and the darkest “deep chocolate.”

Louboutin said in a blog post, ““I’ve always done a Nude shoe but only using the color beige.” He added that it was not until a team member said that beige is not her skin tone did he think to transform the color nude into a concept. “I have clients from every continent and want to make them happy!”

Louboutin made a great business decision and helped social progress at the same time. Many women are unable to afford these expensive high-end shoes but believe this idea will be picked up by many companies even outside the shoe realm.

Are you shocked that nude has always been portrayed as beige and never catered to all skin types?

Do you think this “Nude” collection will inspire other shoe companies to offer the same variety?



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