Media Doom ‘Peach’ to Pits?

Proclaimed by news outlets, such as the Huffington Post and Tech Crunch, to be the next big social media hit, Peach creators had an anticipated success. But, almost one week after the media were singing Peach’s praises, they began spinning tales of its downfall.

According to a PR Week article, the app could not turn all of the hype into a lasting success. The app had a well-known creator, Vine co-founder Don Hofmann, cool features and the media hype, so why didn’t the buzz stick?peach

In order to predict success of a social media app, there needs to be at least a six-month incubation period, says Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of VaynerMedia. Just because Peach wasn’t a lasting hit right away, doesn’t mean that the buzz won’t catch on a year or so from now, says Vaynerchuk.

A big determinate of success is the app’s ability to provide brand users with the opportunity to tap into the user base and track user interaction with their brand. It’s all about finding a way to monetize the platform.

A lot of the times the media seem to overhype the news, Peach being a great example of that. As someone within the public relations field, do you think that traditional media are still viable options for client coverage? Is it a reliable indicator of client or product success?

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