LinkedIn’s Global Reach

May is a time when college students across the United States will have hopefully found their first job and begin their post graduate lives. May also marks an anniversary for a social media platform that has aided people around the world in their job hunt.

LinkedIn launched on May 5, 2003. The platform will celebrate their achievement along with thousands of grduates seeking that elusive job. download

Today, LinkedIn has 400 million users worldwide with 124 million in the United States alone. LinkedIn spans more than 200 countries and territories including China. China’s government censorship makes it difficult for any social media platform to perform well, but LinkedIn has succeeded.


LinkedIn celebrated another milestone recently. In February 2014, LinkedIn launched its Chinese language version of the site. It expanded its reach into the most populous country in the world, where they already had attracted one million users with the English site alone.Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 8.50.15 PM

LinkedIn has become the dominant social media platform for making professional business connections. Through its growth, LinkedIn has used its unique status to differentiate itself from other social media platforms.

“If LinkedIn figures out how to navigate the operating environment in China, clearly other companies will try to imitate that,” Kerry Rice said in a New York Times article. Rice is an Internet analyst at Needham, a brokerage firm.

LinkedIn is clearing the way for other social mediums by staying true to its position as the best platform for business professionals.

Do you think LinkedIn will ever face a strong enough competitor? Have you found a job or internship through LinkedIn? How much of your job search is spent on LinkedIn?

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