Digital Entertainment Thrives Live

Let’s face it, social platforms are leaning toward a model where timeliness is key.

Rising apps Snapchat and Periscope thrive on immediacy and the present. Twitch follows the same model, where living and broadcasting in the moment trumps uploaded, scheduled recordings.

twitch stats

Twitch statistics from theri 2015 report.

Twitch, is the world’s leading platform and community for gamers, where they can watch or stream gameplay, and chat and engage with others who are on the same channel. The company’s 2015 Report boasts a year of growing success in the realm of video games and beyond.

For video game public relations, Twitch is your best friend and owned-media gold mine. For example, publisher Deep Silver hosted a large-scale event where anyone was invited to tune in, via Twitch.

homefront: the revolution game banner

Deep Silver’s Homefront: The Revolution Twitch banner.

The livestream event showcased the upcoming game Homefront: The Revolution with 14 popular social influencers on YouTube and Twitch playing in the new co-op mode.

The event was widely successful, viewers peaking at 8,000 about two hours into the stream event and close to one million total views. The live demos paired with big name influencers would not of had the same impact and urgency that hosting on Twitch could have done.

Furthermore, the viewers are able to constantly engage in chat, and by live voting for favorite streamers, to play in the final round of the stream.

Strategic communication should involve Twitch if you are promoting any video game. But what about outliers? I can see Twitch broadcasting used beyond video games and into other facets of pop-culture and digital entertainment.

But what are your thoughts?

Do you feel this is a successful platform for a niche audience, but not everyone? Or do you see Twitch as an opportunity for all?

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