Slow and Mo’ Snapchat

Snapchat has released a new set of filters that are changing the game — or speeding it up, slowing it down or rewinding it.

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 7.07.42 PMThe app released Speed Modifiers in an update Oct 28 that allow users to speed up, slow down, or rewind the 10-second videos they take. Just record a video and swipe to the left through all of the filter options to find the three new icons — a rewind button, a rabbit and a snail — to apply one of the filters.

This update comes on the heels of a variety of other filters, like custom geofilters for events and cities and filters with a speedometer and a temperature gauge. Most recently, Lenses was introduced in mid-September. This filter places various faces or effects on the user’s photo or video.

Now, instead of showing friends what you are up to in real time, you can do it in super speed, in slow motion or in reverse.16910572286_e2a358543c_z

Based on Twitter users’ reactions to the update, Speed Modifiers have been well received.

In addition to the Speed Modifiers, this update gives iPhone 6s and 6s Plus owners the option to integrate Apple’s new 3D Touch feature.

Have you tried Snapchat’s new Speed Modifiers? Do you think that Snapchat is overwhelming users with too many filter options?

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3 Responses to Slow and Mo’ Snapchat

  1. Mary Kenney says:

    I feel like every time I open my Snapchat it has some new feature. I have not used the new Speed Modifiers but I have seen them in many of my friend’s stories. I think that it is a cool feature but I don’t think I will really use it on a regular basis. Some of Snapchat’s other features like the place you’re in or just basic filters are more useful for me personally. I don’t think that they are overwhelming their uses. I think they are giving them options. A user doesn’t have to use the Speed Modifiers or any filters if they don’t want to. But Snapchat has given the user the ability to get creative with their snaps. I’m curious what Snapchat will do next.

  2. Brittany DIerken says:

    Snapchat is one of the most-used apps for social media and has increased engagement with new filters and masks. I have tried the new filters and I think they are very unique. It kind of brings an interesting twist to the holidays and celebrations.

    Snapchat is not overwhelming their users, but it might get old quick. During Halloween, they introduced several new masks and video filters. I think they should have separated the release times for the new features. Everyone wants to be apart of something new, but too much “new” at one-time can be overwhelming. I would advise Snapchat to introduce one thing at a time so each feature is valued and used to its fullest potential. Snapchat’s masks can soon be the overwhelming Victoria’s Secret emails I get twice a day and drag to my “trash” folder within seconds.

  3. Alyssa Hillman says:

    Snapchat is my favorite social media platform mostly because of it’s constantly changing features. I think it’s important for organizations, especially apps, to constantly improve their options/filters to remain competitive and keep users on their apps. If Snapchat was still an app where users could only send plain pictures for 10 seconds, another company would have allowed users to draw, record and apply filters to their messages.

    So to answer your questions: yes I’ve tried them and love them all, and my opinion is no they’re not overwhelming. What would be overwhelming is having to download eight different apps to do all the features Snapchat incorporates.

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