Got Fame?

Roughly half of all products that hit the shelf won’t pass the test of time. Within five years, many of these new arrivals are discontinued, only to be forgotten and banished to the sale racks. The 2015 PR News’ Platinum PR Awards have been announced and inductees to the Platinum Hall of Fame named Oct 26. These four brands claim space in the Platinum Hall of Fame and managed to beat the odds, surpass competition and take their stand as historical campaigns.

The campaigns recognized this year are:

  • MilkPEP – Got Milk?
  • Prudential Financial – Prudential Newsroom
  • Truth Initiative – truth®
  • USA Network – Characters Unite

By Mark Renfree | Published 10/27/2015

Each of these campaigns was original and presented a clear and intentional message.

For example, the Got Milk? campaign, now 20 years old, reminded the American public to be conscious of nutrition by putting milk mustaches on celebrities. According PR News Online, the campaign enjoys 90 percent awareness in the United States. Prudential Financial conducted exhaustive research on their target audiences and journalists’ preferences to design messaging that appealed to the exact publics they wanted to reach.

How will you help your clients’ products or services pass the test of time?

Are there underrated campaigns that you think deserve more attention? Who would you add to the PR Hall of Fame?

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