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Java Lovers ‘Red’ with Christmas Controversy

Last week marked the early launch of Starbucks’ holiday-themed red cups. However, to many those cups aren’t “holiday” enough. A new level of Starbucks backlash emerged when one zealous pastor from Arizona claimed that Starbucks was declaring a “war on … Continue reading

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Costly Corporate Faux Pas

More than ever before, companies must figuratively walk on eggshells to avoid immediate scrutiny from millions of users on hundreds of platforms. The broad reach of media highlights any potentially offensive corporate slip-up. The holiday season seems to make the … Continue reading

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Twitter Kicks ‘Star’ to the Curb

In early November, Twitter did away with the “favorite” button and added a “like” one in its place to the dismay of many users. The popular social media company replaced the star icon, which represented “favorite” with a heart for … Continue reading

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