VW Brand Sputtering Short Term

Volkswagen is a global brand that many people know and trust. The brand is regarded as one of the most reliable cars in the world and consumers look to them for insight in the automotive world.

Recently, Volkswagen released new diesel cars they claimed released almost no harmful emissions. However, when the International Council on Clean Transportation decided to test these vehicles, they discovered tampering. During a road test, the cars released lower emissions than normal.

This discovery resulted in a major scandal with Volkswagen trying to retain its reputation while also figuring out why this was happening. It was discovered that Volkswagen had adjusted their diesel engines to help the cars pass the United States’ emission standards.  Volkswagen admitted its mistake and launched a full investigation.

The Drum looked at what the Volkswagen PR team did in the immediate aftermath of this discovery and commended the company for not avoiding the issue and publicly taking it head on. However, they also questioned if even the best of crisis communication could save the CEO and the company’s reputation.

Do you think Volkswagen can save their reputation? Will this damage their brand as one of the best make of cars?


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