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Did you know the President has a playlist on Spotify? He does, and the past week I have been talking to my friends about the Chief Executive’s excellent taste in music. There’s Stevie Wonder, Mos Def, the Isley Brothers, the Temptations and other American icons across two different playlists.


The White House’s Spotify account features three different public playlists. Two for the President and one for First Lady Michelle.

Spotify is an application that functions as a music social media network. The beauty in Spotify is that it allows you to interact with music the way you want to.

It might be hard to believe but with Spotify’s 1.5 billion playlists and 75 million active users, the President’s playlist isn’t actually unique.

If you are a casual listener who listens to only one song all day, you can. Yet, if you are a passionate music lover with an eclectic taste, Spotify can recommend great artists similar to the one’s you love.

This presidency has been characterized by an open communication model which is unprecedented. From multiple appearances on late night talk shows to a Buzzfeed video this President has enjoyed the greatest access to his audience than ever before.

An open communication model thrives on engagement through any medium that effectively reaches your audience. Yet having your voice heard is important for a leader and generating so much feedback across new mediums can be difficult in order to create a genuine or serious response.

Obama spotify

Do you think it is a good idea that the White House is on Spotify? Are there limits to which social media outlets the White House should use? What do you think of other brands or companies using Spotify to reach their audiences?

Also if you liked this blog you should check out Joe Biden’s Instagram. The Vice President really masters his throwback Thursdays.

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2 Responses to Presidential Playlists

  1. Alexandria Coleman says:

    I had no idea President Obama had a Spotify playlist, but with how much he has integrated himself into social media I am not surprised. Sure, there are going to be some who criticize his music taste, but I would guess that the President’s playlist has had a fairly positive response. Politics aside, I would think most people agree that President Obama has a “coolness” factor that few other presidents have enjoyed. I think this is largely because of efforts like this. As for whether there are limits to which social media outlets the White House should use, I’m not sure. Does Tinder count? If so, I’d say that’s probably one to avoid. 🙂 I think there is a lot of potential for brands to use Spotify as well. As long as they were good playlists, I don’t think people would mind brands getting into this medium.

  2. Siera Whitten says:

    I actually had no idea that the President has his own playlist on Spotify! I think it is a great idea to be active on social media when you are the CEO of the United States. Not only does this allow the public to get in touch with Barack Obama’s personal side, it also allows us realize he is a down-to-earth person with interests a taste in music just like us. Nowadays, I think the President’s presence on social media is just as important as his presence in person– and people expect this. People want open communication with their country’s leader, but with that being said, I think the outlets that the President should stick to are Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I feel like an outlet such as Snapchat would be a little to “playful” and unprofessional for the President to use himself. I doubt that would even be allowed due to certain security measures. I found it interesting that there is a book, “The Social Media President,” that talks about the President’s use of social media and whether it is hurting or helping his leadership and people’s opinion of him.

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