Playboy to Dress Nudes

Playboy announced that starting with the March 2016 issue, it will no longer feature nude models in its magazine. Although the models, celebrities and Playmates will be clothed in the photos, poses will still remain provocative. This will be the first time the magazine has eliminated nudity since its debut issue was published in 1953.

According to an article in PR Daily, Playboy removed nudity from their website in 2014 and said that the change caused its Web traffic to spike from 4 million to 16 million monthly users.

Playboy has decided to make the jump from a nude magazine to a more conservative, yet still racy, magazine in order to expand their readership.

Playboy’s chief executive, Scott Flanders, told the New York Times that “the battle [to make sexually explicit material accessible] has been fought and won.”

Times have changed since the magazine’s first issue in 1953. Now, in the age of the smartphone, it is easier than ever to access pornographic material or nude photos. The excitement and thrill of accessing a Playboy magazine has lost its relevance and the magazine hopes that the rebranding will help turn readership around.

Some people wonder whether this is the right move for the magazine, posing the question that if you take nudity out of Playboy, what is left?

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What do you think about the magazine’s decision? Will rebranding be a success? Or will the magazine fall flat by losing its most famous feature?

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1 Response to Playboy to Dress Nudes

  1. Jordan Baxter says:

    I think rebranding will be an extreme success. The facts are already showing that by eliminating nudity their viewership has already spiked. On top of that their demographic is now more wide spread rather than it being focused on one niche. This rebranding will allow all demographics to have the opportunity to view Playboy and by providing less nudity and more content viewers will be focusing on the content of the article rather than the nudity within it. They’re many nude magazines that hold that as their number one unique entity but by Playboy starting a new trend by eliminating I think it will get the audience talking.

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