PC Bites Into Apple?

Rival PC makers Hewlett-Packard, Dell and Lenovo are teaming up with Microsoft and Intel to revamp the PC brand. An article by the Dubuque Telegraph Herald states PC users have vowed to avoid advertising their own brand name in favor of promoting PC as a whole. They are spreading a new slogan to take over the market, “PC does what”?

PC now offers increased versatility for their laptops and have slimmed down their devices to reflect a cleaner style. These brands banded together are driving a $70 million budget just to increase focus on the PC brand as a whole. Most new PCs are powered by Windows 10 which Microsoft claims is the best operating system yet.

Apple just released its iPad Pro for $800 and its keyboard will cost an additional $169. PC consumers will pay $500 to $700 for a PC which Microsoft hopes will convert many Apple users to PC systems.

Do you think this $70 million ad campaign will work? Why or why not?

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13 Responses to PC Bites Into Apple?

  1. Margaret Staniforth says:

    This PC campaign is just a reaction to Apple’s success. It doesn’t seem that PC companies are really looking at why they build their computers or what void their product is filling. Instead, they are merely trying to keep up with another company that has a clear understanding of why they exist and who they benefit. It won’t matter whether all the PC companies band together or sell as individuals, they are so far behind their main competitor and out of touch with their target audience.

  2. Elissa Harrison says:

    First off I want to say this is very strategic for all these organizations to pair up with one another to take on the beast “Apple.” This company has always been seen as a power house so by unifying the PC market together I believe this is extremely strategic. I have seen PC fail in the past through its marketing campaigns so I am nervous to see if their $70 million budget gets put to good use. Hopefully a combinations of all their creative teams will help them surpass Apple and help bring users back to PC.

    I know the pricing is a great pull for PC, but I strongly believe Apple provides better quality so it is worth the extra money. If I was PC’s marketing specialist I would highlight the quality because we all already know it is strategically cheaper then Apple.

  3. Kate Sitter says:

    Part of Apple’s success is the core of their marketing strategy. Simon Sinek does an excellent Ted Talk, which is also the basis of his book, “Start with Why.” Here is the link for the Ted Talk if interested: https://www.ted.com/talks/simon_sinek_how_great_leaders_inspire_action?language=en
    Basically, Sinek says that brands who market the “why,” not the “what,” are most successful. He uses Apple as an example, because they market a lifestyle. In the past, PC has used the “what” approach to sell its products. They will list the products’ capabilities, using logos to persuade consumers. But Sinek mentions that emotional appeals are far more effective than logical appeals. Therefore, I only think this $70 million revamp will only work if PC astutely targets emotions rather than logic.

  4. Alexandria Coleman says:

    I think this is a solid effort by PC companies, but I doubt that it will be very successful. The reason is simple: people love Apple and believe in their vision. Simon Sinek addresses this in his book Start With Why and I couldn’t agree more with what he said. He explains that Apple is so successful because they sell why they do things, not what they do. They spend less time advertising the technical and cost benefits of their products and more time focusing on their vision. Thus, the PC coalition can focus on their tangible benefits all they want, but it is not going to change the minds of those who strongly believe in Apple’s why. In order for this PC campaign to work, they need to show the public why they are doing what they are doing, beyond simply trying to get some of their market share back.

  5. Taylor Holmes says:

    I think that the combined efforts of HP, Dell and Lenovo will definitely ignite a positive conversation about PCs. The problem I see with the Mac versus PC debate is that consumers often just keep buying the same brand of computer that they have previously owned–people do not necessarily dislike PCs over Apple products. The goal for this ad campaign is to cause Apple-loyal consumers to actively choose PCs. However, I think that it is going to take a few years of continuous efforts on the part of HP, Dell and Lenovo to see some real results.

  6. Kimberly Linn says:

    I am one of the not-so-rare-anymore crossovers. Although I personally own PC computers and generally prefer them to Apple, I do respect the Apple software and technology. I can, with relative ease, flip between using PC and Apple products.

    I am glad to see the major PC giants coming together as a real competitive threat for Apple. Over the last year, PC companies, especially HP, have taken large steps to make the physical design aspects of their computers a direct competitor to the well-known sleek design of Apple. PC is adding the touchscreen feature to most of their sleeker designs, which has the potential to put them in a competitive advantage over Apple.

  7. Morgan Rath says:

    I think that the campaign will work and that it is about time PC amped up it’s public relations strategies. The market is saturated with Apple advertisements and messaging, to the point where I sometimes forget that Apple has any competition. I think the “PC does what?” campaign is a great way to get PC back on the market and showcase its features. The focus on individual features is very similar to what Apple does, so I think this campaign will work in PC’s favor. It will be exciting to get more competition back into the computer market.

  8. Johana Soto says:

    I don’t necessarily know if $70 million will actually boost PC over Mac but I do think it will help. Many people are committed to Apple but Dell and all of the other companies joining forces would be a good way to challenge the Apple world. It’s about showing how PC can compare with iPads and Macs but at a more efficient price. It’ll be interesting to see how these companies advertise the PC’s and not just their companies.

  9. Cattarina Lovins says:

    This campaign has the potential to make a massive impact; however, based on the information provided in this blog post, it sounds like the branding might confuse target audiences. This is because HP, Dell and Lenovo fail to identify their brands in this campaign, at least from the information provided here. How will each company work together to make sure that its brand is identified with the PC brand and not other PC brands like Sony, Toshiba, etc.? If HP, Dell and Lenovo fail to differentiate their brands from other PCs, they may end up running a $70 million campaign for other PC brands.

  10. Breanna Johnson says:

    It’s about time PC does something to refresh their brand. Apple is leading the way because their technology is more advance and easier to navigate. It has taken the place of PCs, even though the equipment is more expensive. By slimming down their devices to reflect a cleaner style, this campaign should work. If they are able to produce products compatible with Apple, that have the best operating system and are offered at a cheaper price, they may be able to convert a lot of Apple users to PC.

  11. Brittany DIerken says:

    Apple drives the technology world, because of its user-friendly system, sleek design and variety of electronics, but makers in the PC world are doing the same thing so why aren’t they receiving the same results as Apple. One reason Apple attracts more attention is because they monopolize the world of Mac computers, while there are a dozen PC computer companies. By the PC brands coming together as one, they are bringing more attention to the PC software and sizing up Mac v. PC.

    A decade ago, PC software was like a dinosaur compared to Mac software. Now, both softwares are quite similar but people still decide to buy a Mac. I think the $70 million ad campaign will work, because once PC software is verified just as efficient and spectacular as Mac, then the PC companies can compete to get sales. If PC software is forever looked down upon, the PC companies can’t be competitive because no one believes in their product.

    The ad campaign will highlight its similarities to Mac software and what more it can do. By as the question “PC does what?” will challenge customers to ask themselves why they are not buying a computer for less that does the same thing as a Mac does. Getting Mac software for less, why not?

  12. Natalie Crandall says:

    Unfortunately, when it comes to PC or Apple, a $70 million ad campaign will probably not change a lot of consumers’ decisions. When it comes to choosing a computer, Apple users will most likely stick with Apple because of the convenience and user friendly interface. From the minute Apple came out, they have never had any major viruses or problems with the hard drive. PC on the other hand has had viruses, hard drive problems and has not been the sleekest or most user friendly computer. Just because the outer look has changed, many loyal Apple consumers will remember the poor reputation PC has had in the past and still run to Apple for their technology needs.

  13. Juliet Moo says:

    In my opinion, it doesn’t matter how much the campaign cost because to my knowledge, most Apple users are typically loyal to the brand. Apple’s exclusive software and user-friendly, unique interface make Apple a lovemark. The $70 million ad campaign might work for Android users, but if the goal is to convert Apple users, it might not be successful.

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