Merger Takes Bumpy Flight

As US Airways takes its last flight, it raises the question, what’s next for the biggest airline merger in history? In 2013, American Airlines and US Airways announced plans to merge, creating the biggest airline in the world, according to a letter from Tom Horton, chairman and CEO of American.  In the last two years, there have been plenty of snafus reported in the media along the way to unity.

“The latest merger-related issue is the combination of the two airlines’ loyalty programs, AAdvantage and Dividend Miles. Under the plan, US Airways program members will see their mileage balances transferred into an AAdvantage account on a 1-to-1 ratio,” said Christopher Elliot, a columnist for The Washington Post.

According to American Airlines website, the two airlines will come together late in 2015 combining their reservation systems.  However, the vague “late in 2015” is far from good communication.  It is October 2015, and the last of US Airways flights are taking off but with two separate systems still in use the chances of error are much higher.


It bothers me that there is a lack of transparency.  American and US Airways should know that many problems are going to arise from combining two giant airlines.  Why are there not more tools for frustrated customers to utilize?  It is unrealistic to expect perfection but it’s how companies foresee and handle the imperfections that make or break them. Why is the company waiting for issues to arise and then

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