Connection, Control Keys to Millennials

Most brands are taking a swing at marketing to Millennials (born between 1977-2000). This demographic poses new difficulties as to how to effectively connect with them as consumers.  I believe that a preference for high levels of connectivity and content control of their media platforms are the sources of these difficulties.

One of the biggest current debates in public relations is how to effectively use social media to target audiences. Marketing professional Allison Guidetti says, in a post, that engaging with your audience on social media by giving them a say in the campaign is the most effective way to market to Millennials.

Here are a few key steps we can take to use this strategy:

  1. Have a fan base on the social media platform you use.
  2. Set-up your campaign to be launched in the future.
    1. Simply put: Do not just launch a campaign without warning, create a build up of anticipation.
  3. Ask for input on campaign decisions such as “Who would vote for to be the face of..?” or “What would you call ..?”
    1. Secretly, you are making your audience really think of your brand in terms of what you stand for.
  4. You can even post requests like “Tag us in your best video of…” or “Send us your funniest photo of…”
    1. A company that worked wonders with this still of interaction was Frito-Lay with their specialty flavored chips created by consumers.
  5. Lastly, do what you say you are going to do and use their input in the campaign.

It’s that simple! I can think of quite a few brands who should have used this technique before launching a new campaign. (*cough* Chanel *cough cough*) But I digress.

There are other factors to include in your decision to use this style of engagement, like timing. How would you publicize your brand to Millennials?

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