Chicken’s Tweets a Treat

Australian fast-food chain Chicken Treat has added an unlikely member to their social media team. “Betty” has no prior social media experience, but Chicken Treat believes she brings something valuable to the table.

Who is Betty? Believe it or not, Betty is a four-year-old chicken that Chicken Treat has entrusted to run their social media.

The company created the hashtag #ChickenTweet to document the mascot’s recent activity. The chicken tweets around 10 to 15 times every day on the corporate account, tweeting a wide variety of letters, symbols and numbers.2The Chicken Treat Twitter account now has more than 35,000 followers, gaining tremendous numbers since the chicken went online.

Chicken Treat announced through a YouTube video that Betty would continue to tweet in hopes of breaking a Guinness World Record. If Betty types out a “proper 5-letter English word” she will be he first chicken to tweet in history.1

According to CNN, Betty typed the word “bum” once, which is the closest thing she has tweeted.

Whether the record is broken or not, Chicken Treat has certainly been successful in this out-of-the-box strategy to get people talking. The message is simple: If a chicken can do it, so can you.Untitled

Traditional marketing efforts aren’t nearly as effective as they used to be so fresh approaches, however “out there,” are needed. Do you think this approach is too weird? Or is it the direction lots of companies will go on social media?

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1 Response to Chicken’s Tweets a Treat

  1. Mary Kenney says:

    I agree that traditional approaches are not as successful. I also agree that companies need to get creative and come up with something that is unique to get people interested. I have mixed feelings about Betty tweeting for Chicken Treat. Many are talking and following Betty to see if she will end up breaking a Guinness World Record. I am interested if this new social media approach has helped the company financially or are people just following for Betty and they don’t really care what company it is. I am also wondering where Chicken Treat will go on social media after Betty. I think because they have already gone so far out there they will need to something out there again to keep all the followers they have gained. I do think this is the way companies are going but I think companies need to be careful they aren’t doing something pointless.

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