Avoid Crises Managing You

Crisis-Mgt.-Blog-PhotoCrisis management has always been associated with pubic relations but due to social media the magnitude of impact on a company has grown. A crisis today can quickly become international, e.g., Volkswagen, because of the globalization of the economy. I don’t think this is going to change anytime soon because the number of people using social media is expanding and the speed at which information travels is ever increasing. Crisis management has become even more critical.

Shardey’s study offered a two-step plan for managing globally engaged companies. The first step is to create a carefully thought-out plan with clear protocols. The second step allows for the adjustment of protocols by the sectors of the company that are in the crisis location. The context of each crisis varies across cultures, countries and business practices.

Shardey concludes this two-step plan will limit the severity and duration of the crisis. There is no avoiding there will be a crisis and there is no way to avoid social media picking up the story. It comes down to how an international company prepares and executes their crisis plan.

Do you feel like international public relations is a new job sector? How does public relations differ from small businesses to an international corporation? Is there really a difference in the basic principles?

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