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Social Media Skinny

Social media has shifted from trend to mainstay in the worlds of journalism and public relations. In order for a journalist or PR specialist to be successful, the strategic and smart use of social media is key. As Twitter becomes … Continue reading

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PR: Jack & Master of All Trades

In a world of different professions, it is easy to segregate a person’s talent. A politician should stick to politics, educators to teaching, troops to military, and so on. There is one profession however, that can truly do it all. … Continue reading

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Growing an Online Audience

This week, Vice President of Marketing Strategy Rob Bean at Burns Marketing hosted a webinar called “Building Online Audiences.” The webinar addressed how to cultivate and maintain an audience that can discover information about products and services digitally without a brand’s help. Since publics … Continue reading

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FB Rumors Latest Hoax

Yet again, many Facebook users fell for the classic hoax. Rumors circulated this week about now paying for Facebook, users’ privacy in danger and content completely under Facebook’s control. Many users wanted to make sure that all of their friends … Continue reading

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‘Black Burger’ Trick or Treat?

Burger King burgers are dressing up for Halloween. Burger King in a press release on Sept 28, unveiled the “A1 Halloween Whopper” just in time for the spooky season. The black burger, which originated in Japan, has now debuted in … Continue reading

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Gamers Blast ‘Mock War’ Posts

For the promotion of a new part of the Call of Duty  series, their social media team decided to create mock war announcements and post them on their Twitter page. Messages such as: UPDATE: Singapore authorities have officially announced a … Continue reading

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BK Flips ‘Peace Burger’ in Fast-Food War

In an article in USA Today, a major campaign war is ongoing involving McDonalds and Burger King. Burger King designed the “Peace Burger” and created a full-page ad stating that McDonalds and Burger King should set aside their beef and design … Continue reading

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VW Brand Sputtering Short Term

Volkswagen is a global brand that many people know and trust. The brand is regarded as one of the most reliable cars in the world and consumers look to them for insight in the automotive world. Recently, Volkswagen released new … Continue reading

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Twitter Brews ‘Coffee Day’ Success

After the alarm clock rings, but before any work actually gets done, most people need some type of caffeinated beverage to get going. There is one particular go-to that consumers seem to love, coffee. According to USA Today, approximately 83 … Continue reading

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Connection, Control Keys to Millennials

Most brands are taking a swing at marketing to Millennials (born between 1977-2000). This demographic poses new difficulties as to how to effectively connect with them as consumers.  I believe that a preference for high levels of connectivity and content … Continue reading

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