Rubio Passion Ignites Social Media

Proper social media management continues to grow in importance for well-known people in order to maintain their image. This is especially relevant in politics at the moment, as several Republican presidential hopefuls try and put their own spin onto the political happenings to position themselves in the best light possible.

One candidate using social media to his advantage is Marco Rubio. Rubio was applauded by CNN for his performance in the second Republican debate on Sept 16. “Rubio proved Wednesday night why so many GOP elites have long considered him a top contender for the Republican nomination: He can weave his strong handle of policy with a compelling personal narrative,” reported CNN online. It is this compelling personal narrative, combined with his willingness to interact with his followers on a more personal level, that has seen his stock continue to rise.

Rubio’s Twitter team built and crafted numerous tweets that referenced his well-received performance during the second debate such as “highlight” videos and thankful responses to compliments from news reporters. Rubio also has been willing to personally respond to those who reach out to him, even just a regular person without any ties to the news media. One example of this is when he responded to someone who tweeted that Rubio was the first politician since Ronald Reagan to bring them to tears with sheer passion.

Rubio has also stayed away from personally attacking other candidates on Twitter, preferring to focus on his own viewpoints on policy and current events. Compare this to current Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, whose Twitter timeline is full of insults hurled toward other candidates.

Twitter and politics are increasingly working hand in hand and Rubio is using that as a PR advantage more successfully than other Republican candidates this far. It appears to be paying off.


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2 Responses to Rubio Passion Ignites Social Media

  1. Courtney Bannon says:

    I would disagree that Rubio has a PR advantage, at least with his target audience, by playing nice with other candidates. Trump insults other candidates and the conservative base, his audience, eats it up. However, I definitely think he is making the right decisions in regard to building relationships and making himself accessible to the public. If that will be enough to beat out the other Republican front-runners remains unknown!

  2. Connor Johnson says:


    I do agree that Rubio’s social media advantage is not obvious at the moment, but I think it will continue to grow and manifest itself as more candidates drop out and the possibility of Donald Trump as President begins to legitimately scare voters. It will definitely be an interesting election storyline to follow!

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