McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast Adds $$$ to Menu

The wait is finally over. After years of reaching out, America’s breakfast prayers have been answered. On Oct 6, McDonald’s will introduce all-day breakfast nationwide.

After plenty of rumors and buzz, McDonald’s finally made the announcement in a press release released Sept 1.mcdonald-allday-breakfast_1

“It’s time for breakfast on your terms. 10:30 a.m. will no longer be the end of breakfast. Lunch, snack, dinner, late night – it’s time for Hotcakes at whenever o’clock. The new limited menu will allow customers to enjoy a breakfast sandwich paired with an order of World Famous Fries after 10:30 a.m.”

The press release also mentioned that the change is happening due to public demand. It states, “In fact, more than 120,000 people tweeted McDonald’s asking for breakfast throughout the day in the past year alone.”

But some say 24-hour breakfast at McDonald’s is an attempt to reverse the declining sales they’ve experienced in the last few years. Competition with healthier options and the newly popular “fast casual” restaurants like Chipotle and Panera have forced McDonald’s out of its place as top dog in the fast food industry.

McDonald’s might be on to something with this new idea. According to Bloomberg, selling the breakfast items all day may help increase McDonald’s sales by as much as 2.5 percent a year, which was mentioned in a presentation in August by Mike Andres, McDonald’s president for the U.S.

Before you head out to grab your McDonald’s breakfast favorite, there is a catch. The menu will only offer selected breakfast items, excluding the popular McGriddle, and everything involving bacon (even though there are items on the lunch/dinner menu that contain bacon.) The company decided this would be best way to keep the kitchens from getting overwhelmed by cooking breakfast items and hamburgers at the same time.

Word of mouth has been the primary vessel for carrying this news, but the PR team at McDonald’s also made it clear that they’re doing their best to tweet a response directly to the 120,000 people who wished for an all-day breakfast on Twitter.

It’s obvious this campaign is designed to boost McDonald’s sales at a national level, but do you think the limited menu selection will upset customers and cause the company an even bigger headache?

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5 Responses to McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast Adds $$$ to Menu

  1. Alexandria Coleman says:

    This campaign shows that McDonald’s isn’t focusing on the big picture. The fact is that their sales are dropping because their food is incredibly unhealthy, not because they don’t serve breakfast all day. Serving a limited breakfast menu all day will likely increase sales, but its impact is going to be just as limited as its supposed “all-day breakfast menu.” To me, this campaign is just a quick fix and not a very good one at that. The idea of breakfast anytime you want it is great, but I agree that there is going to be a lot of confusion and frustration among customers who expect a McGriddle at 2 p.m. They are advertising an “all-day breakfast menu” and are burying the fact that it is a limited version of their regular menu in the fine print. If they want this campaign to succeed, it needs to be the full breakfast menu to avoid frustration among their customers.

    However, as I mentioned above, the success of this campaign has nothing to do with the overall success of McDonald’s. They have to address the real issue people have with their brand and the only way to do that is to start making their food healthier or at least increase the number of truly healthy options they provide. It is a big change for their brand, but if they want to survive in an increasingly health-conscious society, it is what they need to do.

  2. Aubrey Badger says:

    Luckily for me, McDonald’s decided to test the all-day breakfast in my hometown of San Diego. I got a taste of it, but was utterly disappointed that my favorite breakfast food, the sausage McGriddle, did not make the cut for the menu.
    I do believe that this is a great move for McDonald’s, because clearly, 120,000 people have taken just to Twitter to chant for all-day breakfast. My question is, however, how would it be too much of a hassle to offer an expanded breakfast menu all day long? Jack in the Box does it. Denny’s does it. McDonald’s is one of the only places that comes to mind that changes their menu after a certain time of day. After decades of being the “top dog” in fast food, don’t you think they would have it figured out by now? Does the time change for food options really set McDonald’s apart from its competitors? And would it really be so difficult for employees to “cook” all of the food on both menus? (We all know there isn’t much actual cooking going on.) I think that McDonald’s is definitely stepping in the right direction by offering all-day breakfast, but I think they could take it a little bit further.

  3. Mary Kenney says:

    I am a person that loves McDonald’s breakfast but rarely get it because it ends at 10:30 an if I can help it, I’m not up before 10:30. When I began to read this post I was really excited that McDonald’s decided to make breakfast all day but when I realized it was only select items, I was bummed. I am beginning to think this change won’t really make a difference in my life. I find it interesting that it look so long for McDonald’s to make breakfast all day. There are other fast-food chains that have been serving a full breakfast menu all day, so why it such a problem for McDonald’s? I think offering a full breakfast menu would be better because all breakfast lovers would be happy and it will increase sales even more than the estimated amount with only selling select items.

  4. Riannon Maki says:

    I like that McDonald’s states that this new menu was in direct reaction to more than 120,000 people tweeting to ask for all day breakfast. It shows that McDonald’s cares about what their customers want, whether the change is really because of people asking for breakfast all day or McDonald’s drop in profits. They are still showing an open communication with customers and it makes people feel good and that their opinion matters. I think that this is a good and positive tactic.

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