Ad Tsunami All Wet?

It’s estimated that we are exposed to 5,000 advertisements every day.

We all go through that daily ritual that includes our quick check of Twitter when we first awake, reading or watching the news during breakfast, maybe listening to Spotify on the way to work. On top of that, we are bombarded with advertisements on billboards, Facebook, TV, and radio throughout the day. Messages are ultimately unavoidable, and with social media at an all-time high, advertising has reached greater heights than ever before. Instagram-ads-1024x812

Instagram, the photo-sharing social media outlet, recently increased the quantity of ads on their platform, making spots unavoidable for users. The advertising opportunity is open to all types of businesses and can include a photo or video up to 30-seconds long with a link to the company’s website. The types of ads are tailored to the user’s interests based on who they follow on Instagram. These companies are guaranteed Instagram users’ attention because of its format, which is one photo/video at a time and no distractions.

With 5,000 advertisements every single day, they are losing their effectiveness and people are getting annoyed. We see right through it. It’s now impossible to scroll through our social media feeds without being bombarded with companies’ constant efforts to make us spend more money.

A fresh, unique approach is sorely needed. How do we get people’s attention without the tired techniques that have been used since the advent of advertising? What kinds of advertising techniques would appeal to you?

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3 Responses to Ad Tsunami All Wet?

  1. Cattarina Lovins says:

    I fully agree that social media is becoming too hung up on advertising and is even beginning to lose a little of its social aspect because of it. These social media sites are looking to cash in, particularly those that have gone public and now have stockholders, since the platform is free for users. However, social media sites aren’t necessarily to blame. Companies that advertise, or are looking to advertise, on social media need to get creative. To avoid bombarding or annoying the user with ads, companies must design ads that don’t look like ads. Advertisers need to focus on creating content that engages the user and invites a conversation, not ads that just push information about the product. Only then will social media successfully be social and financially viable in a way that doesn’t discourage users from participating on the various platforms.

  2. Courtney Bannon says:

    Advertising has to morph into something relevant again. We are bombarded by billions of images and slogans a day, but I don’t think that is necessarily what makes advertising today so ineffective. Clever ads still appeal to a mass audience. The issue is this: the advertising business is recycling ideas, whether it be from their old material or from other companies. Years ago, each ad could be rather similar and people would still pay attention because they couldn’t fast forward through the commercials or scroll past the ad. Now, if any advertising material resembles another, I automatically count it out and keep moving.

  3. Tyler Otremba says:

    I like that you wrote a post about this. Instagram ads are something that have just recently been really starting to pop up on my account, and I have been noticing many more of them in the past few weeks. I agree that it is a pretty ineffective way to reach a target audience. When I see the “Sponsored Ad” title above the video or the image, I automatically scroll down to what my friends are posting. Instagram was one of my most used apps because I liked how there were no advertisements, but now it seems like it is selling out like the other ones and beginning to show more ads. The one thing I do like about the Insta ads is that I can just scroll to the next picture and they are pretty easy for me to ignore.

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