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PR Execs Now Lead C-Suite Rather Than Follow

Is a PR background prime training for a senior level management position? Historically, it hasn’t been the case but things are changing. Newly-named vice chair of GE, Beth Comstock, identifies her priorities as business innovation, corporate marketing, sales and communications. … Continue reading

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Snickers ‘Hunger Bars’ Tasteless?

As part of their ongoing campaign to show the side effects of hunger in a humorous light, Snickers launched a new campaign highlighting some negative personality traits that result from an empty stomach. They’re calling out these traits in an … Continue reading

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Coke Casts Obesity Blame on Exercise, Not Soda

Since Coca-Cola has been criticized for its contribution to the obesity problem in the United States with its seemingly endless supply of sugary drinks, the company launched a campaign aimed at redirecting the underlying cause for obesity. The campaign itself … Continue reading

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Blogging Vital to Client Storytelling

Aly Saxe, founder of Iris PR Software, returned to her alma mater, Arizona State University on Sept 21 to speak with current students. In her public interview at Must See Monday with Reynolds Visiting Professor of Journalism Entrepreneurship Alan Lobock, … Continue reading

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China’s Xi Boosts Ties, Trade

The Pope isn’t the only major international leader visiting the United States this week. President Xi Jinping of China met with President Obama this week to discuss the Chinese economy, cybertheft and business secrets, among other issues. It is no … Continue reading

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Volkswagen: Choking On Bad Choices

Do you think that your Volkswagen is good for the Earth? Think again. The German car manufacturer, known for creating the famous Beetle, is now under investigation by the Environmental Protection Agency for falsifying emissions numbers in thousands of vehicles. … Continue reading

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McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast Adds $$$ to Menu

The wait is finally over. After years of reaching out, America’s breakfast prayers have been answered. On Oct 6, McDonald’s will introduce all-day breakfast nationwide. After plenty of rumors and buzz, McDonald’s finally made the announcement in a press release … Continue reading

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Doritos Launches LGBTQ Campaign

The Doritos brand is no stranger to creating fun, exciting flavors for their savory line of tortilla chips.  This week, the company brilliantly released a surprise campaign consisting of rainbow-colored chips in support of the LGBTQ community.   For this … Continue reading

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Doritos Brand Embraces ‘Rainbow’

A surprising shift from the brand’s traditional orange-themed bag, Doritos released a new rainbow chip bag this week to show support for the LGBT community. According to an article in PR Week, media platforms were buzzing over the concept soon after the … Continue reading

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Female Leaders Missing in C-Suites

It is fact, just look at our class, that women outnumber men in PR two to three.  Not only are we outnumbering the men, we are excelling in the field.  PR is counter to the dainty, girlish stereotype as are … Continue reading

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