T-Swift, Spotify ‘Never Ever Getting Back Together’


On Nov 10, Taylor Swift announced she would remove her albums from the music-streaming service Spotify and for a brief second, Swifities around the world stood still. The move came just one week after the release of her most recent album “1989.”

While millions of her loyal fans rushed to the nearest store to get their copy of the megastar’s latest album, many patiently awaited its release on Spotify. After a week of suspense, fans were surprised to learn that not only would the album not be streamed on Spotify, but her previous records would be removed.

In an interview, Swift told Yahoo! Music why she had made the big decision and why she felt this was the best choice for her and her career.

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The star wrote an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal this past July detailing her views on the music industry and its relationship with music artists. Swift has been very vocal about her opinion of music streaming services like Spotify, but she isn’t the only one.

For varying reasons, artists like Tool, AC/DC and until recently, the Beatles, declined to be part of the music-streaming business.

The service is criticized by many for its disproportionate payment to its artists with as little as between .006 and .0084 cents going to the artist for every play, according to one of their own reports.

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As of now, it’s unclear if other musicians will begin to take a stand against the service, but Spotify made it very clear that they were doing their best to keep Swift from cutting ties with them as the move is sure to take a significant hit on the service.

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