‘No More’ to NFL, Domestic Violence

It is no secret (at least not any more), that the NFL has had its fair share of domestic violence incidents, most recently involving high profile cases of Ray Rice, former running back of the Baltimore Ravens, and Adrian Peterson, running back for the Minnesota Vikings.

While the publicity has generated negative attention for the NFL, they joined the “No More” PSA Campaign in association with NO MORE, an organization dedicated to ending domestic violence and sexual assault.

A PSA was aired Oct 23 during the San Diego Chargers and Denver Broncos game. This PSA featured NFL players stating the “No More” followed by words they wish to hear no more of pertaining to domestic violence and sexual assault.

The PSAs are expected to air during football games throughout the season.

No More has also launched a social media campaign asking the public, “What is your #NOMORE?”


The public is asked to fill out the form with their “No More” and to then post a picture of it on their social media with the hash tag, NOMORE.




The question of hypocrisy in this campaign has risen due to the NFL’s past record of leniency pertaining to domestic violence charges. Is it wrong that the NFL has only just begun to address the problem of domestic violence due to negative publicity when it has been going on for years?


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