Halloween Hazmat Suit: Too Soon?

This Halloween, expect to see a troop of Ninja Turtles, zombies and superheroes. But, if you are stumped on finding a costume, for $79.99 you can sport this stylish ebola containment suit at Halloween parties and ward off the ebola virus at the same time. A disease that has killed more than 4,000 people in Africa is now thrust into the world of poor taste and trending hashtags. Like any current event, there is always a station, a company or an individual who attempts to make a joke of the situation or finds a way to monetize it.

inappropriate costumes

The Internet is saturated by mixed opinions on this year’s trendy costume idea. Ebola is a disease that has yet to be contained so a portion of the online population argues that these hazmat costumes are offensive and distasteful. Some articles post that cashing in on the epidemic through offensive humor is “too soon.” Offensive humor has always been around for major events. It was not too long after the attacks of Sept 11, that costumes representing a Muslim man were worn on Halloween.

Some people have accepted that a current event like the ebola epidemic is among the trendiest offensive costumes this year and has created a method to amp up the costume. The Awl suggests getting to know the facts and stunning friends with actual knowledge of the disease instead of just obnoxiously offending peers. This way if accused of being offensive, the costume wearer can actually prove they are providing awareness with their costume.

bad humor

According to the fast facts provided by CNN, the ebola virus first appeared in Africa in 1976. With thousands of cases and deaths in the African continent, the ebola scare transferred overseas when three cases of ebola were found in the United States. So far, one person in the U.S. has died. In airports, you’ll find employees wearing face masks over their mouths and it is not uncommon to see many tourists include the mask in their daily wardrobe as well.

How is the ebola epidemic affecting your life? Is it serious or will it “never happen to you.” What will you wear this Halloween? Would you wear the ebola containment suit or is it too soon and too serious to treat as a joke?




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