Billy’s Beef with Burger King

Billy Eichner is best known from his appearance at the Emmy awards alongside Seth Meyers but originally gained popularity through his show “Billy on the Street.”

On the show, he conducts over-the-top interviews of random people on the street. The show is well-known for its wild and crazy nature and Eichner’s aggressive approach to interviewing.

Recently, Eichner has accused Burger King of stealing an act from the show to use in their new commercial. According to PR Daily, “The company released an ad that was startlingly similar to the style made popular by comedian-on-the-street Billy Eichner.”

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Whether their intention was to borrow the idea or not, it caused some outrage in the social media world. While the issue is still up for debate, Eichner has received support from his fans on Twitter as well as a few celebrity friends.

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McDonalds was also brought into the mix after Eichner mentioned them in a thank you tweet to his fans. McDonalds welcomed the attention and told him to bring his favorite “Billy on the Street” contestant, Elena.

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According to a CBS News article, both Burger King and the responsible ad agency, Horizon media, have declined to comment.

In this case, it might be smarter for them not to acknowledge the issue at all. Their silence may be the only thing saving them from dealing with a lawsuit.

Do you think Burger King stole the idea? Does Burger King’s silence suggest guilt? Should they speak up about the issue and risk getting sued or remain quiet?



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