Bite Size = Snapchat Success

As social media channels grow by the second, so is the race for companies utilizing them to reach their publics. While it was easy to figure out how to incorporate Facebook and Twitter, it’s taken longer to break the code for social media outlets such as Instagram and Tumblr.

Snapchat is the newest social medium used to help companies build and be a part of communities to connect with audiences.



The Washington Post digital editor Masuma Ahuja answers this question in a session from ONA14 called Mobile Bootcamp: Snapchat.

Ahuja explains the importance of knowing how to “sound like Snapchat” and accomplishing this by playing with Snapchat and seeing what other users are doing.

Another tip for organizations is to engage with people.

“It’s a very intimate thing, a very personal thing. People are trying to connect with you,” she said. “If they snap you, snap them back, be a real person.”

Organizations also must remember bite — and byte — size are best.

“Don’t try and do something very big, very long on there because people are going to get bored and tap away,” she said.

The Washington Post, Mashable and NPA have all boarded the Snapchat train to engage their publics.

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