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Do Shoes Shape Your Destiny?

ABC King number one shoe store in Estonia, one of the biggest in Baltics started a fall campaign weeks ago called “Everything starts from the shoes.” However, the campaign’s oversized posters, outdoor print publicity and campaign materials has made many people … Continue reading

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Bite Size = Snapchat Success

As social media channels grow by the second, so is the race for companies utilizing them to reach their publics. While it was easy to figure out how to incorporate Facebook and Twitter, it’s taken longer to break the code … Continue reading

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United’s Robots Care

With scandals grounding the commercial airline industry, United Airlines has landed firmly in the fray. In October, Chris Chmura, a reporter for WTVT-TV in Florida, tweeted a screenshot of an email he supposedly received from the United Airlines customer service team. According … Continue reading

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‘Eyes’ Create Social Media Stars

Social media celebrities are not a new phenomenon. But audiences may be surprised to learn that Vine/Snapchat celebrity Jarome Jarre makes $25,000-$35,000 per Vine/Snap. For example, GM actually paid Jarre to star in a zero gravity Vine on their account … Continue reading

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Scare Tactics Test Security

In June, people were willing to give away their first-born child in exchange for free Wi-Fi. Mindlessly, it appears. Online security company F-Secure ran an interesting campaign that showcased how insecure people’s data are when they utilize free Wi-Fi. They … Continue reading

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Virtual Customer Service Bad Deal?

We’ve all witnessed someone we follow on Twitter tweet a complaint, whether a delayed flight or unfair treatment at a local retail store. These interactions with customers offer brands the opportunity to connect directly with their customers individually over social … Continue reading

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‘Daily Show’ Off Key With Band’s Fans

By Shirin Ahmadpour When is it appropriate to make fun of a public figure? One would think that any public figure is susceptible to jokes, criticism, attacks, satire, scandals or anything the public can think of so long as it’s … Continue reading

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