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Wendy’s Right on Barbe-Cue

Catering to your audience and keeping them interested are vital for companies seeking to sell a new product. Wendy’s latest campaign features the newest addition to its menu — barbecue. Looking at rival fast-food offerings, it seems to have tapped into … Continue reading

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Little Caesars Serves Up #1 Ad But Blah Pizza

Young Americans hungry for Little Caesars’ new soft pretzel crust pizza got a bad taste in their mouths, after September’s top television commercial misrepresented the company’s latest menu item. The latest Nielsen Brand Effect survey determined the Top 10 television … Continue reading

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Hashtag Hijack Detours Campaign

Fill in the blank at the end of this hashtag: #ImA                 . Is it that difficult to confine yourself to one hashtag? The “Republicans Are People Too” campaign doesn’t think so. The goal of this campaign, according to, “aims … Continue reading

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Subway Bites Into Controversy

Eat Fresh, Five Dollar Foot Long and the Jared commercials are a few of Subway’s successful advertising campaigns. However, its latest commercial has generated more backlash than profits. In the first days of October, Subway released a new Halloween themed … Continue reading

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Red Bull Winging It?

Have companies made claims that using their product will make you ageless? Flawless? Stronger? How about giving you wings?  Yes, wings. That’s exactly what the beverage company Red Bull promised its consumers, figuratively speaking. The company even launched cartoon commercials … Continue reading

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Sponsored Posts New Normal

As with Facebook and Twitter, the use of sponsored advertisements appearing on your newsfeed is becoming more and more normal. It was just a matter of time before Instagram hopped on the bandwagon. The debut of the advertisements you ask? … Continue reading

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Twitter’s $10 Million Funds Data Lab

The MIT Media Lab announced Wednesday Oct 1 the creation of the Laboratory for Social Machines, a program dedicated to “the development of new technologies to make sense of semantic and social patterns across the broad span of public mass … Continue reading

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Do Shoes Shape Your Destiny?

ABC King number one shoe store in Estonia, one of the biggest in Baltics started a fall campaign weeks ago called “Everything starts from the shoes.” However, the campaign’s oversized posters, outdoor print publicity and campaign materials has made many people … Continue reading

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Bite Size = Snapchat Success

As social media channels grow by the second, so is the race for companies utilizing them to reach their publics. While it was easy to figure out how to incorporate Facebook and Twitter, it’s taken longer to break the code … Continue reading

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United’s Robots Care

With scandals grounding the commercial airline industry, United Airlines has landed firmly in the fray. In October, Chris Chmura, a reporter for WTVT-TV in Florida, tweeted a screenshot of an email he supposedly received from the United Airlines customer service team. According … Continue reading

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