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Southwest’s Change of ‘Heart’

Since Southwest Airlines launched in 1967, it has grown into a phenomenon in the market. Operating more than 3,600 flights a day and servicing more than 100 million customers a year, the blue and gold staple color scheme has wiggled … Continue reading

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Royal Twitter Takeover

#RoyalBaby. #RoyalWedding. #RoyalAnything, The Twitterverse explodes with any major royal milestone. In the 24 hours since the announcement of the newest royal baby, there have been more than 70,000 uses of #royalbaby according to People.com. Social media, Twitter in particular, … Continue reading

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‘Game Over’ for Swatters

There are funny pranks, stupid pranks, harmful pranks, and pranks taken just too far. Extreme video gamers brought attention to a prank called “swatting“. Swatting is the act of calling the police and reporting a criminal act taking place such as … Continue reading

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Apple’s New Releases Hit or Miss?

Media hits exploded when Apple announced plans to expand its product line. With coverage from nearly every major news outlet, Apple created a phenomena about the coveted new iPhone release Sept 19. Some highlights from this reveal: Apple Watch, a … Continue reading

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DiGiorno’s Half-Baked Tweet

DiGiorno’s #whyIstayed tweet is one of the most embarrassing social media blunders we’ve seen. In case you don’t follow DiGiorno, (I found the story on PR Daily) in the midst of the social media conversation about domestic violence surrounding the … Continue reading

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Social Tactics Toss Up

We’ve all heard our fair share of PR stories — some triumphs and others that exemplify campaign tactics resulting in, well, failure — sometimes epic failure. There are two basic premises to remember before beginning a campaign, hash tagging a … Continue reading

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Malaysia Airlines’ Bucket List Blues

Malaysia Airlines was forced to rename its travel competition opened to customers in Australia and New Zealand because it was “found to be inappropriate at this point in time,” according to a statement made by the airline on Thursday, Sept … Continue reading

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