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Emma Watson Hoax Just Ad Strategy?

Marketing has taken a sharp turn for the edgy and a full-page spread just won’t cut it anymore. Perhaps that’s what obscure viral advertising company, Rantic Marketing, was thinking when it created the site The site, which threatened to … Continue reading

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Redskins’ Fumble No Joke

A series of PR nightmares keep creating problems in the nation’s capital. Not at the White House, but on the gridiron. The Washington Redskins controversy over the NFL team’s name has mushroomed after a series of criticisms offered by none … Continue reading

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Apple Leaves Celebrities, Publicists with iHeadache

With so many leaks of financial data via major retailers — such as Target and Home Depot — shoppers have become uncomfortably familiar with the notion that their private information could be up for grabs.  What makes Apple’s recent public relations … Continue reading

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‘Tubing’ It to Stardom

The last generation of entertainment stars found their starts on TV shows like The Mickey Mouse Club and Barney. Today’s stars are getting famous in a different way — branding themselves through their individual YouTube channels. The social media network … Continue reading

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iPhone 6: Bending v. Standing Test of Time

Out with the old and in with the new has been Apple Inc.’s annual motto regarding their tech products. This week Apple released the larger and thinner iPhone models,  iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Posing the question is bigger really … Continue reading

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Sexist Ad Nearly Sinks Scottish Vote

Regardless of topic or client, in the process of campaigning, communication is key. Ads from opposing sides on Scottish Independence offer stellar examples of why this is true. My favorite program to obtain news from is Last Week, Tonight. John … Continue reading

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Pabst Blue Ribbon Fans See Red

Russian-owned  Oasis Beverages is set to purchase American Pabst Brewing Co. Pabst Brewing Co. is the beverage company responsible for favorite American beer brands such as Lone Star, Colt 45, Schlitz, Stroh, Schmidt, Schaefer, Olympia, Old Milwaukee and Pabst Blue … Continue reading

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Bloody Mistake or Marketing?

Urban Outfitters is no stranger to controversy. The chain is known to push the boundary between “inappropriate” and “edgy,” often crossing over to the former. The store’s most recent controversial product was a one-of-a-kind Kent State University sweatshirt with red markings that look identical to … Continue reading

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UO Selling Pain for Profit

Urban Outfitters has always sparked controversy with its unconventional and provocative clothing style, but their most recent action has many questioning whether the retailer has gone too far. The company is facing a backlash for a “Vintage Kent State University … Continue reading

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Urban Trips Over Edge

The saying, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity,” was proven wrong recently by Urban Outfitters. Although the company has been known for its “edgy” clothing, the release of a “vintage sweatshirt” has generated noteworthy amounts of scrutiny. The $129 … Continue reading

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