Tracking Smarter Smartphones

How smart can we make the smartphone? This is the primary question for major technology companies. Recently, questions were raised about Facebook developing its own smartphone after the social media platform bought WhatsApp. Google also already developed its version of a smartphone called the Nexus 5.

Now Boeing, an aircraft technology company, announced in February the release of its new  smartphone called The Boeing Black Smartphone. The Boeing Black promises to be the smartest smartphone yet and offer a feature that has attracted lots of attention. The phone self-destructs when someone tries to hack its files or tamper with its casing.


Boeing has advertised the smartphone as providing the highest level of security for the U.S. and defense securities committees. The company also released a video highlighting its new features accompanied with the tagline security+modularity=productivity. It seems to present itself as the super smartphone with satellite transceivers, solar charging and advanced location tracking. It is also user-friendly with an Android operating system.

Despite all the great features, there are still many unanswered questions. Wall Street Journal bloggers ask five essential questions including competition from Blackberry, the price and essential design elements.  Boeing has also created its own Facebook dedicated to showcasing the phone. However, site traffic to the Facebook page has been light.


Another technology company in partnership with Boeing is Honeywell Aerospace. Honeywell previously released its version of a smartphone in 2012 called the Dolphin 70e Black. The target audience of the Dolphin 70e black was primarily businesses. It advertised its scanning and mobility capabilities, particularly its barcode scanner, as top features.


Many questions arise from these companies creating new and improved smartphones. In what ways could public relations practitioners utilize this new Boeing device in the workplace? How would a PR practitioner determine the target audience for this particular product? Also, are there special features that would enable better communications?

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