Social Media Mimic Competitors

Of all the social media platforms available, you have to wonder how they will start affecting people who have worked in an industry tailored to certain groups through specific messaging — otherwise known as marketers. Each and every social media platform started off specializing in something unique to itself, eventually merging into a multi-service space. For example, Instagram is well-known for simply posting and sharing images. Now you can send messages directly. Facebook offered the ability to share your life updates and pictures to keep friends and family connected. Now, it integrates hashtags (originally used in Twitter) to a place for advertisers and marketers to plant strategic messages.

As you can see in the below chart, nearly all of the channels are doing exactly what each other does. The only difference is the look, feel and way we use them that allows us to tell them apart.

(Credit: Roundarch Isobar, from AdAge)

According to an article in AdAge, “…it’s social media’s scramble for revenue that has generated this diminishment of the channel’s creative potential. Only so many levers can be deployed to build brand activity, and with all networks after the same advertising dollar, they’ve all implemented exactly the same product features.”

These are now becoming the dimensions for marketers to really look at when placing messages to target audiences. Before, it may have been primarily focused on billboards, commercials and items in stores.

On the other side, there is also an open discussion if this is the best for a company’s interest. It maybe getting their messages out on more platforms, but is there a personal/professional line that needs to be established before going these routes?

In an article by, many agree that there is a line, but with the ability to have everything seen in an “unfiltered” way, it becomes a bit of a hassle.

Do you think social media is a good route for businesses? How about PR firms? What would be the ideal place for marketers to get their target messages out? Do you see any blurred lines?


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