Christie Still Stuck In Bridgegate

For months, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has dealt with the biggest political scandal of his career. In January, reports surfaced that his aides were involved in closing several traffic lanes on the George Washington Bridge for political reasons.

However, the most interesting reaction to the scandal has come from Christie and his team as they deal with the crisis.

From the start, Christie made the error of making a joke of the investigation. Before the emails that implicated his top staff were leaked, he chose to ignore the issue.

However, immediately following the report that his top aides were involved, Christie called a press conference and apologized to the people of New Jersey.

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Although Christie reacted quickly, his apology was seen as a calculated move to remove all blame from himself. He apologized for the actions of his staffers and fired his Chief of Staff Bridget Anne Kelly.

His apology came late for many people and the investigation that followed gained bipartisan support from the people of New Jersey.

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Since the investigation began, Christie as a potential front runner for the GOP in the 2016 Presidential, has had to cope with the media. He has remained adamant and defended his innocence.

During this crisis, Christie has seen his support for the presidency waiver, but following the release of the report of the investigation into Bridgegate Christie spoke on the matter.

Now that the report has cleared him of the accusations, Christie said he will not let the matter impact his decision to run for any future office. 

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This report comes out on the heels of a meeting Christie and other GOP 2016 presidential candidates will be having with Republican donor Sheldon Adelson this weekend.

Do you think Christie’s handling of Bridgegate will affect him if he runs for President?

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