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Gay Rights Competing With Games At Sochi

The 2014 Winter Olympics is an opportunity for brands to promote their products globally. However, a controversial Russian law passed in June 2013 banning propaganda related to “nontraditional sexual relations” — as in anything in support of gay rights — … Continue reading

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Olympic Terror Threats: Russia, World Hold Breath

As the countdown to the 2014 Winter Games ticks away, security tightens around the world to repel terrorist threats at the Sochi Olympics. Olympic security has become a priority after rumors of attacks on the Sochi grounds leave athletes and … Continue reading

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Sodastream: Bursting Soda Giants’ Bubble

Football fans look forward to one stellar event every year: Super Bowl.  It’s a matchup not only about football, but also parties, halftime shows, and multimillion-dollar commercials. Coca-Cola offered a touching commercial embracing different cultures; a concept that fits their … Continue reading

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