Olympian’s Risque Photos Pose Risk

[Credit for photo: NBC Olympics]

Controversy hit when photos and YouTube video of Lebanese Olympic skier, Jackie Chamoun, went viral.

Chamoun who posed topless and partially dressed for an Australian skiing calendar said she had never thought her photos would have been topic of the 2014 Winter Games. Chamoun posed three years ago for the calendar composed of male and female Olympic ski instructors, explained Aryn Baker in Time magazine.


CNN has stated that due to the context of the photo shoot, Lebanon’s Minister of Youth and Sports, Faisal Karame, plans “to carry out the necessary investigation in a way that does not affect Lebanon’s reputation.”

CNN reports that the Olympic Committee has no plans to penalize or prevent Chamoun from participating.

As Chamoun puts it, she did not expect the video to be seen but does not regret taking the photos.


In retaliation of Lebanon’s conservatives and government, many Lebanese liberals support Chamoun on social media with the hashtag #StripFORJackie. Many followers on both Twitter and Facebook have posted pictures baring skin with a sign that reads “Strip for Jackie.”


[credit: Twitter #StripFORJackie]


[Credited: Twitter #StripFORJackie]

Among the supporters are many companies who have started social media campaigns using the hashtag.

Chamoun is flattered by her supporters but believes that both the retaliation and online social media campaign should end.

Do you think Lebanon’s government could have handled the media differently rather than lashing out?

Will this generate awareness about women’s rights and free speech in Lebanon?

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