Google Tells Users Avoid ‘Glasshole’ Tag

Google has been in the news this week for giving Google Glass users etiquette tips for using the high-tech device.

While there are many positive aspects about the revolutionary technology, there have been some repercussions about the use of the glasses. Google posted a recommended code of conduct on the Google Glass website, advising users to avoid acting “Creepy or rude (a.k.a. a “Glasshole”)” while wearing the glasses. The web giant provided a complete list of do’s and don’ts, encouraging patience with people who ask questions about the glasses. It also asks users to be mindful of turning them off in places where cell phone are also expected to be off, such as movie theaters.

Megan Calcote, Events Coordinator at the Cronkite school, wearing her pair of Google glasses.

Megan Calcote, Events Coordinator at the Cronkite school, wearing her pair of Google glasses.

Some of these etiquette concerns stem from real-life examples: an Australian news site posted a story in January that featured a man who went to a movie theater wearing Google glasses and was questioned by FBI agents who suspected that he was illegally recording the movie.

Tech writer Gary Marhsall described some privacy concerns that have come into play because of Google Glass’s highly advanced technology. Apparently, coming within close range of the glasses means your actions could be recorded and uploaded to Google’s cloud and stored there indefinitely.

Google glasses have only been available to members of the explorer program thus far. Explorers are meant to test the product in the early stages and must apply online to become a member of the program. Rumor has it that the glasses will become available to the public in 2014, but Google is quiet about a specific release date.

Do you think that this list of do’s and don’ts from Google Glass was a good public relations move? Have you experienced any unusual situations with someone who was wearing the technology?

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