Price of T-Mobile’s ‘Free’ Data

As part of T-Mobile’s “Uncarrier” move, T-Mobile unveiled that it will offer 200 MB of free tablet data to its customers, no strings attached.  The move has been applauded by the public and many were ready to join the free data bandwagon.

However, problems arose when T-Mobile and its customer service department charged a $10 fee for customers to access the data. Many customers trying to take advantage of the free data on T-Mobile’s webpage are not given the 200 MB data option.

Although T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere has reiterated via Twitter that the 200 MB is totally free, it seems T-Mobile’s employees are still confused with the new “free” data plan.

Many customers reported that T-Mobile stores and customer service representatives have given different answers in regard to the “free” data offer. This has left many customers irked and hesitant about switching to T-Mobile.

To date, T-Mobile’s site has not been updated to reflect the free data and requires new customers to sign up for a monthly installment plan on their tablet to also sign up for a $20 monthly data plan.

Do you think this is a PR fail for T-Mobile? How do you think they can improve their internal communication? Will you switch to T-Mobile at this point?

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1 Response to Price of T-Mobile’s ‘Free’ Data

  1. Katherine Becerra says:

    T-Mobile should have implemented an internal campaign to educate employees about the new free data plan. It’s important to have everything, including websites, internal education, marketing material ready to go before announcing a new service or product. T-Mobile could have easily created a fact sheet for employees detailing the plan. At this point, I wouldn’t switch to the carrier. My perception of them is that they aren’t as reliable as other networks.

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