Tweet Replacing Press Release?

The press release has been a staple of modern public relations since the 1920s. It has served as the ultimate binding agent between journalist and PR professional. However, it now appears its future is uncertain and Twitter may be what’s taking its place.

Twitter has been changing the PR world since its inception in March 2006. It’s changed the way brands, leaders, celebrities connect with their fans and customers, causing Twitter to race into one of the top spots on the social media leaderboard. So, we shouldn’t be surprised that Twitter is taking hold of the press release too.

Big brands are choosing Twitter-sized press releases over the traditional version, including Amazon. On Sept 24, they posted 14 updates via their official @AmazonKindle account to introduce the new Kindle Fire HDX, including the three below.

Screen Shot 2013-09-29 at 8.53.57 PMScreen Shot 2013-09-29 at 8.54.18 PM

Screen Shot 2013-09-29 at 8.54.36 PM

This trend might just be the result of eager PR reps and busy journalists who both might prefer the quick and easy. But either way, if you want to continue to survive in the industry, you might want to learn how to create good Twitter-sized press releases.

According to a blog by AllTwitter, there are three things you can do to execute this properly.

  1. Distill your information into bite-sized chunks in order to get your Twitter audience interested in your press release, without misleading them. Remember, you only have 140 characters to work with.
  2. Take four or five core ideas from the release and condense it into one tweet, leaving room for a link to the actual release.
  3. Spread out each press release tweet throughout the day, so your followers aren’t overwhelmed. Staggering them will increase the number of total followers who see them.

Are mass media ready to embrace Twitter as the new press release? Or do you think there is still a place for the original?

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3 Responses to Tweet Replacing Press Release?

  1. Lauren Basile says:

    As an avid Twitter user, I receive so much of my news articles and pop culture information from Twitter; therefore, I understand the appeal of a fast, short and sweet snippet version of the PR press release. Why not use Twitter to release a new product or announce an event? Although this is a great idea because it will create more hype for the release, I don’t think it will overtake the traditional press release, at least for quite some time. There is something professional and appealing that an official press release can give you; however, I do think this is useful for journalists and reporters because posting 140-character highlights from the release draws attention immediately to the most important points. This will make the journalist’s job easier and make it more appealing to everyone since we prefer short bursts of information on the Internet.

  2. Janslle Ong says:

    I think that Twitter will be an important part of press releases but it would not replaced the traditional press releases as blogs/newspapers/reporters/magazines still rely on original press releases for information. I think Twitter is more of a platform to release their new products and will not replace the traditional way of releasing press info.

  3. Katherine Becerra says:

    Twitter will ever replace news releases entirely. As the media bistro blog said, Twitter can supplement news releases. I think tweeting 140-character chunks of releases is a good way to create suspense and conversation especially around a product launch. Many journalists are active on Twitter, so I think they will embrace a news release via Twitter. Traditional news releases will always have their place as a resource, but the way PR professionals send them out is changing and will continue to change.

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