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During the last several months, Pinterest has rolled out an array of new features. With the news earlier this month from Business Insider that Pinterest drives nearly 25 percent of all social network-generated e-commerce sales, these changes can’t be ignored. For retail brands, Pinterest has become an invaluable tool for interacting with their consumers and building interest in their products . These new services maximize that value to brands by offering ways to connect with their Pinterest audience and create greater visibility for their products. Here are the most important new features to keep in mind:

1. Alerts for sales on pinned items

In an attempt to tap into the social network’s heavy use by shoppers, Pinterest will begin sending alerts to users when items they’ve pinned go on sale. The alerts will only appear for “product pins” from merchants with Pinterest business accounts.

An example of the new Pinterest alerts. From Mashable.

An example of the new Pinterest alerts. From Mashable.

2. ‘Rich Pins’ offer more information

Pinterest has begun partnering with a handful of brands to offer more information in their pins. For example, movies pinned from Netflix now display the directors and starring actors beneath the image with an enhanced direct link.  Pinterest also now offers more detailed article pins with captions and direct links. No word yet if these features will become available to a wider list of companies.

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An example of the new article pins. From Mashable.

3. Ads are coming to Pinterest

Pinterest announced in October that it will sell ads. They will be similar in format to “promoted tweets” on Twitter, showing up at the top of relevant search results and category feeds. For example, when searching for Halloween costume ideas, you might see an ad for a local Halloween store. CEO Ben Silbermann promised that the ads would be “tasteful, no flashy banners or pop-up ads.” The ads begin a test run before a wider rollout.

Are these features strong enough to pull a new audience to Pinterest? How can practitioners take advantage of the features for their clients?

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2 Responses to Pinterest Adds New Value Features

  1. Leila O'Hara says:

    As a pretty frequent “pinner,” I am excited to hear about these new features and I think it is a smart branding move by Pinterest. These new features may appeal to current avid pinners like myself, increase brand loyalty for the social network, and draw in a new stakeholder: the online shopper. There is a huge market for online shopping, so I think it is clever and intuitive that Pinterest would incorporate upcoming sales into featured items. Online shoppers who are constantly scouting sites for deals, especially in anticipation of the holiday shopping season, may be drawn to the social network because of this new feature. The new ads feature may generate some backlash from users protesting more ads on the site, but I do not think longtime users will be bothered by an occasional “sponsored” post, as Twitter had success with a similar strategy. And Pinterest partnering with brands like Netflix is an effective strategy that could draw in stakeholders that are invested in other brands.

  2. Maja Cakarun says:

    Thank you Hailey for this information, it is news to me. However, it’s not a surprise. Selling ads is common on every social network, so why not at Pinterest as well.
    I share an interesting PR article about pros and cons on usage of Pinterest in the marketing industry.

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