Hough Redfaced at ‘Orange’ Misstep

Halloween is a time when one can expect the boundaries to be pushed, especially by celebrities. Throughout the years we have all seen the questionable and racy costumes either paraded at the hottest Halloween party or on the cover of People. 

This past weekend Julianne Hough attended the Casamigos Tequila Halloween party in Hollywood. At the party, Hough and a group of friends were dressed like the cast from Netflix’s new hit series, Orange is the New Black. “Apparently none of Hough’s friends informed her of the line she was crossing. Hough dressed as “Crazy Eyes,” the show’s African American character. Hough displayed her costume by going as far a wearing  dark makeup on all parts of her uncovered skin. 

After the pictures blew up apparently so did social media. Many users were angered saying that Hough’s costume was both offensive and racist.

Once Hough heard that her getup was “offensive,” she tweeted an apology.  As a PR professional, do you think Hough’s tweet was enough to inform fans and the media of her misunderstanding? Do you think she should have been advised to do more, why or why not?


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2 Responses to Hough Redfaced at ‘Orange’ Misstep

  1. Maja Cakarun says:

    It is hard for me to fully understand the concept, since I don’t come from the U.S. However, as an outsider I feel that Hough’s intention was not to offend Aduba, but on contrary to show that she is a fan of the “Orange is the New Black” show. For this situation, Twitter is a good channel to communicate with the target audience (younger people).

  2. Marcela Palefsky says:

    I understand where Julianne Hough was coming from when she wanted to dress up as one of her favorite television characters for Halloween. I also understand why some people found her “blackface” offensive. Personally, I think if “Crazy Eyes” had been white and Julianne had dressed like her, no one would have said a thing. But in this situation, they did. I think Julianne should have issued a more in-depth apology if she hoped to make amends with the public. I think it was a great move to issue a tweet apologizing for her costume right away to reach her fans, but she could have issued a press release or at least wrote more than just one tweet. This might have helped resolve the issues.

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