Brands Scare Up Spooky Fun

While some brands repeat Halloween campaigns every year like Chipotle’s “Boo-rito,” new Halloween campaigns for 2013 are largely invisible. According to Mobile Marketing Watch, holiday campaigns were expected to start early but by October many brands have yet to take advantage of the fall holiday.

Unique to 2013, some brands are celebrating trick or treat early.

1. Target‘s “Halloween isn’t just for humans”

2. Krispy Kreme‘s “Krispy Skremes”


3. Droid‘s Halloween-themed logos


4. Corona‘s Dia de los Muertos-inspired cans with #LiveMasFina. (I know it’s not actually Halloween, but it’s close enough, and it’s my favorite!)



Do you have a favorite Halloween brand campaign?

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3 Responses to Brands Scare Up Spooky Fun

  1. Janslle Ong says:

    I agree with you that most brands have not taken advantage of the fall holiday to start their campaigns. I have not seen any Halloween campaigns on the Internet and I think that companies should make full use of the holiday. I do not have a particular favorite as I haven’t seen much but I would like to research it.

  2. Katherine Becerra says:

    A Halloween brand campaign is great way to make a product memorable. My favorite Halloween ad right now is Snicker’s “Horseless Headsman” commercial It is another edition of their “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” campaign, which I love.

  3. Marlee Bever says:

    Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I especially love all of the holiday themed ads and products during this time of year. The agency that I intern for has Papa Murphy’s as a client and every fall they come out with a Jack-o-Lantern shaped pizza with toppings in the shape of a face. It’s marketing like this that consumers will remember and appreciate.

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