‘Petigram’ Latest Linkup for Pet Lovers

If your social media profile is flooded with pictures of your pet in various costumes or asleep on the sofa, there is now a space for all of that to be welcomed with open arms.

Introducing Petigram, a social media app designed to make it easier for pet owners and animal lovers to connect over their favorite fur and feathered creatures. Users can share pictures of their favorite pets, follow other users and make friends. Members can also connect with others who share similar tastes in pets, learn more about breeds and where to adopt animals or just appreciate the pictures and editing that some have put into their pet-sharing pics.

The photo-sharing capabilities are similar to Instagram, such as adding filters and frames or different textures, but Petigram also offers social elements relating to Twitter and Facebook. Users can search and browse profiles, post messages to other Petigram friends’ walls and “like” each other’s posts. Users can also comment  and interact.

A feature specific to Petigram includes a text option to create  captions over pictures. This could lead to making memes, such as the one below, or adding a description.

According to Mashable, “The app’s creators believe Petigram is perfect for those wanting to connect with people on a lighthearted level without fear that the posts they make are going to be seen by their business contacts in their other social networks.”

Petigram is a whole new platform for “Pets PR” to get involved with its niche market. Reaching out to Petigram users can be beneficial to companies in the Pets Market (i.e. PetsMart, PetCo.) and charities and foundations for animals. 

Petigram is currently only available on iOS mobile devices via the Apple App Store.

What other interests do you think might spark a social media app idea? Perhaps a place for new parents to post pictures of their babies?  

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7 Responses to ‘Petigram’ Latest Linkup for Pet Lovers

  1. Maja Cakarun says:

    This is an interesting idea, and surprisingly came too late for some pet lovers! I’m sure there will be more apps for different “interest groups,” for which we can say afterwards, “oh it makes sense, I didn’t think of it before.”

  2. Leila O'Hara says:

    As an avid Instagram user, I am not sure this new app can compete with the giant photo service, now owned by Facebook. But I like the concept, since many of the Instagram users I follow just post pictures of their pets, and it would be nice if I could have all of those photos organized into one app, instead of mixed in with photos from friends, family and celebrities. If the app can appeal to Instagram users while offering better features like the customizable captions, then I think Petigram might be able to find success in a competitive app market.

  3. Mackenzie Keller says:

    I definitely have seen the niche community of pet-lovers, especially cat-lovers. I think niche communities like these are strong in community involvement, making social media the perfect outlet. Like you said, a platform to share baby pics would probably be very successful given the amount of “mommy bloggers” on the Internet.

  4. Janslle Ong says:

    This app is actually a pretty good idea. I often see pictures of pets all over Facebook, BuzzFeed, Reddit and Instagram. To consolidate and post it into one app is a great idea for people who love their pets and other animals. I think that a baby one would be great or a food-agram since taking pictures of food is now a hobby.

  5. Charlotte Das says:

    There’s nothing people love more than swooning over cute and funny pictures of pets on social media. Based solely on my own Facebook and Instagram news feeds and the amount of pictures of people’s pets that I see daily, my opinion is that this app will be very successful. It also gives any organizations that are related to animals, (i.e. Humane Society, animal clinics and PetSmart, etc.) an advantage by providing them with a new niche market that they can target on a more specific level. The only improvement this app needs is to expand their usage to all phones, not just iOS devices, because this limitation cuts out many potential users.

  6. Marlee Bever says:

    While I was reading this, I kept thinking to myself, “I must get one of these for my dog!” It’s sad to say, but I think I spend more time posting photos of my dog on Instagram and other social media sites than I do of my friends and family. I think this is a great idea and I agree with Maja, that this came too late for all of the pet lovers like myself. I wouldn’t be surprised if an Instagram was created for parents to post photos of their babies, or maybe even an Instagram solely for the purpose of food pictures and recipes. I think there are endless possibilities for similar apps to be created, it is just a matter of time.

  7. Ashley Provenzano says:

    I can see how something like this could come along and be created. There are so many interests in the world and currently there is so much technology access and creation. I wouldn’t personally use something like this because I feel like it’s easier to keep all of the similar apps in one place such as Instagram but I can see how other people would enjoy it. I do think because of this social media growth there will be plenty of other apps of this sort to come along.

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