Dunkin’ Donuts Ad Fresh From The Vine

America’s favorite coffee and donut shack is stepping ahead of the competition. Being unique sets you apart in the ratings and in the public arena, and Dunkin’ Donuts did just that when it unveiled its new commercial during Monday Night Football Sept 9. The commercial, made entirely for the social video-sharing platform, Vine, is only the second of its kind.

The campaign included a five-second Dunkin’ Donuts spot that forwarded users to Twitter where they could see more Vines during the game, amplified by the presence of promoted tweets during the game as well.

The only other companies to utilize Vine as a platform to create commercials or promotional material has been Trident — announced at the same time Dunkin’ unveiled theirs — and Airbnb, reported just after the Dunkin’ commercial.

Dunkin’s move was a strategic one. In a time when social media is key among demographics ages 15-30, Dunkin’ aimed at promoting its product to a group of coffee drinkers who are atypical Dunkin’ regulars. It was also strategic in that it demonstrates the company’s versatility and innovative abilities.

What do you think of the ad? Is this a bad move or an innovative step in the right direction?

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4 Responses to Dunkin’ Donuts Ad Fresh From The Vine

  1. Lauren Basile says:

    Although I am not a personal fan of this advertising campaign, I see how Dunkin’ is trying to connect to a younger generation by developing a campaign centered around the Vine app. Dunkin’ Donuts has traditionally been the coffee for blue-collar, working Americans, but now the brand is trying to target Millenials by connecting three things we love: coffee, football and mobile apps. I think I’m struggling with this campaign because I don’t have any emotional response to the ad or even a lasting impression of the message that they are trying to communicate. I do like how they continued the campaign through Twitter but only will time will tell if this strategy is ultimately successful.

  2. Ashley Provenzano says:

    I feel like this was a good move for Dunkin’ because it shows they are ahead of the curve on trends and social media is a huge part of their target audience’s lives. I will agree with Lauren though on the fact that it doesn’t have any emotional ties or feelings left with me; probably because it was short being on Vine. I think it was a good move to try though overall. It is a smart risk to take.

  3. Tiffany Hopkins says:

    I think this ad is great! As a person of the social media era, I watch Vines all the time. I see these videos on all of my social media platforms and I love them. They may be the funniest things I see online. Dunkin Donuts’ team was genius for this idea! It was definitely a great way to get some attention and target a younger crowd. Also, I like the creativity of the six-second commercial.

  4. Charlotte Das says:

    I liked that Dunkin’ Donuts is keeping up with the times and using social media in order to be innovative and in tune with Millenials. However, I don’t really like this advertisement as is. I think it is too short to get any type of message across just from watching the Vine video alone. I do like that it links to Twitter, because that encourages engagement and interaction from viewers, which is usually a positive aspect of a company. It suggests transparency and accessibility of Dunkin’ Donuts and implies that they are interested in engaging more with the viewers.

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