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Inflatable ‘Gay Best Friend’ A Bust For Retailer

Tesco, a British multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer ranked second-largest retailer in the world by profits, just pulled its “Inflatable Gay Best Friend” doll off its website after criticism. The item was described as an “amusing gift” and “suitable … Continue reading

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‘Petigram’ Latest Linkup for Pet Lovers

If your social media profile is flooded with pictures of your pet in various costumes or asleep on the sofa, there is now a space for all of that to be welcomed with open arms. Introducing Petigram, a social media … Continue reading

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PR In Demand But Confusing to Many

If you’re in the medical field, your job is simple to define. If you’re in education, it’s easy to explain what you do. And if you’re in criminal justice, the same is true.. But how do you define what someone … Continue reading

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Long, Short of Nielsen’s New Metrics

On Sept 19, the Wall Street Journal broke the news that among many things, Nielsen plans to add social media measurement to its TV Ratings beginning Fall 2014. However, there are a few measurements that should be noted which show … Continue reading

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Social Media as Online Activism

On Sept 18, organized a global tweet chat on “online activism and the use of social media in times of crisis.” People from different time zones participated in the session. The discussions concerned how social media has been used … Continue reading

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New iPhone5 Color of Money?

According to research studies and articles around the Web, the highly anticipated new iPhone, versions 5s and 5c, may fail to spike sales for Apple during their first week on the market. According to an article in Forbes magazine, the … Continue reading

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Gaga’s ‘Tribe’ Trusts Edgy Manifesto

It’s not unusual for New York City streets to be crowded with people, but on this particular morning in Times Square, thousands gathered outside of the Good Morning America studios in anticipation for the one and only, Lady Gaga. On Aug 25, Lady Gaga’s fans, … Continue reading

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Tearful Paula Deen Stirs Up Renewed Interest

In June 2013, negative media attention caused TV celebrity Paula Deen to lose her spot on the Food Network and lucrative endorsement deals with retail giants Walmart and Target. The media flocked towards coverage when news broke that Deen used … Continue reading

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Offensive Tweets Good Business?

There’s no doubt that Twitter has become the fastest way for a person or company to communicate directly to fans or consumers on an extremely personal level, but what happens when a tweet goes wrong? Most would assume that controversial … Continue reading

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Dunkin’ Donuts Ad Fresh From The Vine

America’s favorite coffee and donut shack is stepping ahead of the competition. Being unique sets you apart in the ratings and in the public arena, and Dunkin’ Donuts did just that when it unveiled its new commercial during Monday Night Football … Continue reading

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