Target’s Color Choices in ‘Gray’ Area

This Spring, Target executives found themselves tangled in a PR crisis dealing with the color palette of garments listed in their online store.

Everything started after a customer stumbled across the gray plus-sized maxi dress described as “Manatee Gray” while the same dress in regular sizes was listed as “Dark Heather Gray.” After discovering the disparity, she sent a tweet complaining about the listing that said:

Picture 4


Target replied to @SuZen’s tweet first via @AskTarget saying they would let the right people know about the issue and solve the problem. Later, Target sent a tweet to the customer that stated the following:

Picture 5


According to an article in the Huffington Post, this is not the only store with a similar crisis in the last couple of years.  It reported that “Back in 2010, Urban Outfitters sold a t-shirt labeled “Obama/Black.” After inviting the ire of customers, the store quickly pulled the offending item and told the press, “We screwed up and are sincerely sorry.”

Do you think Target’s approach was better than Urban Outfitters? Do you think this helps Target sell more?  How could it affect profits? Do you think listing a plus-size dress as “Manatee Gray” is really a big deal?

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