Brands ‘News Jack’ Gay Rights to Boost Image

Recently, the Supreme Court argued two pieces of landmark legislation regarding same-sex marriage, which, not surprisingly, caused thousands of people on both sides of the issue to take to social media to voice their own opinions.

However, more interesting, corporations and public figures are capitalizing on the opportunity to give their brands a boost by aligning themselves with the Human Rights Campaign, an organization in support of gay marriage that asked gay marriage supporters to “paint the town red” by wearing the color as well as using it on their Facebook pages. Supporters were also asked to change their profile photo to don the Human Rights Campaign’s “=” symbol.

Several companies including Bud Light, which, as a company, never publicly voiced its opinion on the gay rights issue, have produced ad-like banners showing their support for the Human Rights Campaign.

As the trend of news jacking by companies looking to grow their brand continues to rise, will consumers begin to see this form of support as artificial?

Do you think this form of branding is smart or is it too risky to show support on either side of a polarizing issue?

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