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Spelling Out SEO Trends

To better our futures as public relation practitioners, we must start to analyze changing marketing and PR trends. In an article in PR Newswire, Sarah Skerik said “search engine optimization has changed dramatically over the last couple years, and now offers … Continue reading

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IKEA Roped into Horse Meat Scandal

The horse meat scandal that started in Europe during February is not over yet. Now, along with Nestlé, the largest food company in the world headquartered in Switzerland and other European companies, IKEA has been drawn into the problem. IKEA, … Continue reading

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Diversity Makes a Pit Stop at Daytona

At the 2013 edition of Daytona 500, NASCAR invited Ray Lewis, 50 Cent, and T.I. to the iconic event. Lewis waved the green flag to start the race while 50 Cent and T.I. were in attendance. The Daytona 500 is … Continue reading

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Can Groupon Redeem Itself After Firing CEO?

Flash back two years ago and Groupon was on the tip of everyone’s tongues. Major companies began posting great deals on this flash-sale site, and it became an overnight sensation. However, since then Groupon’s business has rapidly declined hitting an … Continue reading

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‘Shootin’ B-ball’ Lyric Leads to Lockdown

Words are powerful.  They have the power to change perceptions, forge relationships and write the lines of history. A Pittsburgh high school student learned that words also have the power to shut down his school, or rather, one word: b-ball. … Continue reading

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Bullies Tarnishing Anne’s Oscar Shine?

She was billed as America’s princess when she starred alongside Julie Andrews in the movie that made her famous.  She may be known for her classic beauty and starring roles in blockbuster movies but lately, Anne Hathaway is known more … Continue reading

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