‘Oreo Separating Machine’ A Sweet Success

Oreo has positioned itself as an innovator in social media marketing this year.  Who could forget the Oreo’s Super Bowl instant ad?

Once again the snack food giant is trending with its “Oreo Separating Machine” video series.  Building from the success of its Cookie vs. Creme Super Bowl ad, Oreo has released videos of very smart people separating their favorite part of a Oreo cookie using very complicated methods.

The first installment of this viral branch of Oreo’s Cookie vs. Creme campaign features physicist David Neevel and his homemade cream-removing machine.

Oreo Separating Machine: Part 1

Not only is this an interesting play on its Super Bowl ad, but Oreo’s YouTube sensations have inspired countless response videos of avid cookie consumers and creative thinkers separating the iconic cookie in their own way.

My personal favorite response video is by Joerg Sprave of the YouTube “Sling Shot Channel.”  He does his best to part cookie and cream using a homemade pump-action slingshot.

Pump-Action Slingshot Oreo Separating Machine

Oreo is a great example of how a traditional branding campaign can engage consumers and span many social media platforms.  What can PR practitioners learn from Oreo’s efforts in this campaign?  How will they keep the cookie conversation going?

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4 Responses to ‘Oreo Separating Machine’ A Sweet Success

  1. Daniel Rasmussen says:

    I think Oreo is doing a great job; they are looking at their target audience (I’m assuming teenagers/young adults) and finding ways to best reach that audience. This campaign, completely centered around social media, is brilliant and it makes the user feel connected with the brand. That is the most invaluable public relations result and hopefully, they can continue their success with more videos!

  2. Morgan Theys says:

    Without a doubt, Oreo’s marketing campaigns have surpassed any other snack food item. Their instant Super Bowl ad was a hit after the event’s blackout in the stadidum.

    Oreo has been able to brand itself as something that is pure and simple. There are two ingredients: the cream and the cookie. And there has been much debate about whether an individual prefers one over the other. And because the cookie is so popular among people of all ages, the company’s campaign can remain just as simple. Two colors and one message: it can be eaten by anyone as any time of the day with any other snack item.

  3. Montserrat Camacho De Anda says:

    I think this is great year for Oreo’s marketing/PR department! From this all the way to what they did in the Super Bowl, including their instant ad after the stadium went black. I think it was amazing and right on time! I think the best thing we can learn from Oreo’s PR practitioners is to keep things simple and be organized. This shows that their team is really prepared, alert to the surroundings, cooperative and communicative. I think that if they keep doing these things, it will keep the cookie conversation going on. I really hope we can see more of this fun stuff in the future and more spontaneous ads as well!

  4. Hannah Lurie says:

    I think PR practitioners should definitely watch what Oreo is doing. It’s working! They have really fun campaigns that get somewhat well-known people involved — not only as spokespeople, but in a really innovative way.

    I was actually discussing this with my roommate, wondering if they had people standing by at the Super Bowl waiting for an opportune moment to strike. They must have, because I doubt that without careful preparation they could have come up with such a wonderful, seemingly spontaneous ad.

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