Marriage Equality a ‘Celeb’-rated Success

When Beyoncé shares something you started on her Facebook page with 44 million followers, you know it’s been a successful social media campaign.

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The Human Rights Campaign reflects a social media strategy to barrage the Internet with red equal signs as a symbol for the ability for all couples to marry, regardless of gender. The campaign launched as the Supreme Court begins to hear arguments over the constitutionality of California’s Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act.

The HRC’s conventional logo of a blue background with a yellow equal sign was modified for this historic event to “paint the town red,” as part of the organization’s Facebook event and its Austin affiliate. The movement garnered enough attention from users on Facebook to attract media coverage, specifically an explanatory from ABC News for those who may be out of the loop.

But the icing on the cake came from the wide acceptance of the movement by popular public figures, including gay rights advocate and Star Trek actor George Takei, Martha Stewart (who shared this delicious piece of red velvet cake with the message “equality is truly sweet,” and Beyoncé, who not only shared the HRC red logo but created her own red-themed message using a line from her Single Ladies song. Even the President, who stuck with the HRC’s more conventional color scheme, took part in the message of equal treatment.

HRC did not let all of this high-level traffic and attention to their cause go to waste – it tracked the attention on its Tumblr, and it also compiled the prolific social media posts into one Storify. A simple yet powerful lesson to learn from the HRC in the art of a social media campaign: make the most of your opportunities with current events to mobilize your core supporters, watch the movement grow and consistently monitor all activity surrounding your campaign.

While the decision of the Supreme Court has yet to be heard, the HRC can celebrate a successful social media campaign.

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  1. Clare Hahne says:

    At a distance, my Facebook friends page looked like it had a nasty case of the chicken pox. I think that a simple symbol like the one for marriage equality is a great tactic for gathering awareness. Not only does it create a trend, but it also creates a visible population of people who agree with your cause.

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